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ColorVision Sales Process

Use these templates to customize an interview agenda. Word format.

The Three P's Sales Sheets serve as great leave behinds during the 'Approach' phase. They give relavant product & process information, as well as general CV info. PDF form but contact Connor to have them quickly customized to the prospect's needs.

These sheets make great leave-behinds after an inital meeting with a target customer (part of the 'Approach' step in the sales process. The sheet contains blanks to establish next meeting date as well as the contact information for all associates relevant to that target. PDF format.

These two presentations are the ones you need to complete the sales process. The Value/Financial Proposal Presentation is used in the 'Proposal' step of the sales process and the Final Presentation is used in the 'Close' step. These are completely customizable PowerPoint templates.

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