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PPG Envirobase HP was created to meet the demands of our environment. EHP is a water-based, latex technology that lowers VOC's and improves our air quality. Since its inception, EHP has rapidly taken hold in collision centers across the globe.


Color match, ease of application, and speed are just some of the qualities that have made EHP the new flagship coating of high-performance collision centers. It has led shops to improved cycle times and less wasted labor hours, making it the number one selling waterborne coating in North America. It's time for us to GO GREEN!

The PPG Application Team thought it was time to put EHP to the test against Axalta Cromax Pro. The goal of the test was to determine which system could achieve color match quicker, which had faster dry times, and which had greater overall performance. The results can be seen here. Trust's worth the watch!

How Does It Stack Up?

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